Turn Aside to See

Today as told by Eunice

It has been a struggle for me to write lately. And by lately, I mean MONTHS already. Writing has always been my refuge. My safe haven. It is my metaphorical cave where I go to from the hustle and bustle of life. So it’s safe to say that really, I am not in my element lately (months).

Gratefully, my dear friend Ate Cha kicked off Today, a blog that paves way for people – ordinary breathing and living people like you and me – to share their everyday stories real time. I’ve been an avid reader of the blog since it started  (and is supposed to be one of the ~primary~ contributors. Ehehe sorry and labyu, Ate Cha!). What I noticed is that people share about their Today at the end of the day.

For days now I have been thinking of what my entry would be, but I find it hard to actually write because:

  1. by the end of the day, I am too tired to THINK and write about – that is, to make sense of –  what happened in my day
  2. I cannot find or make time within the day enough for me to write (It takes hours for me to come up with a post! Sometimes even days!)
  3. I cannot see anything about my day worthy of writing – much less worthy of publishing – to start with.

While my first two reasons are valid, the latter I find alarming.

You see, I only write when something powerful grips me. Too powerful that it is able to lay hold of my attention and get me hunched in front of my laptop, if not with my pen and paper, and flesh out my thoughts. (Okay, I write for a living; and that’s a different case needless to say.)

That said, I am amused that people, who are not even “writers” can articulate about their day –  and do so well and clearly! And more amazingly, that they can actually make their Today count. That something about their day is enough to be worthy of their notice – and an entry.

This somehow made me sober, and sad, because maybe, I’ve become time and again too familiar of my ordinary everyday existence to find the wonder in it. Which leads me to the very trigger why I am writing this.


A man whom I never got and will never get the chance to encounter but only in the pages of the Bible, through which I skimmed this morning. I found myself in Exodus, particularly wherein he was tending his flock of sheep when “he saw a burning bush and turned aside to see why the bush is not consumed.”

You see, the burning bush was an invitation to Moses to turn aside from his daily job to see God.

And today, that burning bush is the same invitation to me to turn aside— from my daily job, daily tasks, daily to-do lists—to see the same awesome, captivating God who always has His way of getting my attention when I’m too distracted to turn aside to see Him, much less seek Him.

In fact, that burning bush is a gleaming lifetime invitation to me to daily and diligently turn aside to see.
The extraordinary in my ordinary days.
The good in my bad days.
The miraculous in my mundane days.

I am reminded that I don’t need to wait for a special occasion or a once-in-a-lifetime event to consider my today worthy of my notice – and an entry. Because after all, what makes my today count is He, who makes my today count.

He is the Extraordinary in my ordinary days.
He is the Good in my bad days.
He is the miraculous in my mundane days.

What makes my day count is “…to see God — the most beautiful, most awesome One — amidst the mundanities of everyday life, like TODAY. Like most of the other days. Like when Moses was tending his flock of sheep and turned aside to see Him, the Glorious One, in his dull place.”

So today, I turn aside to see. Him. In my dull place.

And by God’s grace, I’ll do so every day.

And by God’s Grace, I’ll write again every day.
For the record, I do not mean to write an entry every day here in Today. Haha.

Maybe in the secrecy of the pages of my journal would be enough—between me and Him.
Maybe just a paragraph would be enough.
Or a sentence would be enough.
Or just a string of words would be enough.

To savor His beauty. And hopefully to say it beautifully.

Today, I attempt to write again.



  1. Galing mag sulat! I miss reading essays like this <3 My writer friends have stopped updating their blogs as well. I think that it's a stage all writers go through, that when we say we're on a writer's block, we're not talking about just days and weeks here. It can go for months and years! And it's okay. It's a phase :)

    I still encourage you though na ngayong nag start ka na, try not to fall back. Write and write and write kahit na it's just in a peace of tissue paper. Continue exercising your mind. Kasi, once you stop writing, starting again is always the hardest part!

    And for more encouragement, may new fan ka na dito! *raising hand

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